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Impacts of climate change

  • Natural disasters cost $4.5 billion a year - expected to double by 2030
  • Major cities and infrastricture is mainly on the coast
  • More severe floods due to tropical cyclones - particularly in Queensland with cyclones costing their GDP by up to $4 billion due to tourism and coal exports
  • Rising sea levels have accelerated erosion threatening the Gold Coast
  • Saltwater intrusions have impacted have damaged freshwater ecosystems such as the Kakadu National Park
  • Bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef
  • Coastal squeeze
  • $226 billion worth of homes and infrastructure are at risk
  • 250,000 homes are at risk
  • Heatwaves have increased health problems and major fires in 2019/20 causing loss of life and damge to businesses and homes
  • Increased risk of drought - especially in the South
  • Since mid 1990s, rainfall has dropped 15% - Drought from 1996-2010 in Murray-Darling Basin
  • Steep decline in crop yields and expensive relief packages caused economically impacts
  • Decline in tourism, employment, water supplies and ecosystems
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Mitigation and adaptation

  • GHG emissions increased by 30% from 1990 to 2010
  • Kyoto agreement in 2007
  • 5-25% reduction by 2020 based on 2000 levels
  • Developed a cap-anad-trade scheme with the EU
  • Increased development of renewables by 2020
  • More urgent schemes need to be put in place as these are all long-term strategies
  • Researching GM crops
  • Adaption on the coasts including sea walls, flood gates and dams to alleviate river flooding
  • relocation of houses and businesses
  • Stricter planning laws
  • $9 billion investment program to develop new water resources
  • Dams to retain and manage water
  • Better responses to emergencies
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