Tort Cases

A PowerPoint Presentation with Cases from Law of Tort. Each slide containes the name of the Case, what happened in the case, what the court held or what was established from the case.

I actually used these to study for GCSE Law so I don't know how helpful they would be for AS or A Level Law. Nevertheless, If you are studying Law, especially Law of Tort in Unit 2, you would know that it is important to learn Case Laws to back up the points you make in the exam and to show a better understanding of Law to the examiner, however, there are so many cases it  can become extremely difficult.This is what I made and used to learn the cases for my exam and I found them very very useful.

To make the best use out of this publication, I would suggest

  • you insert images into the slides of what happened in each case to help you remember them better, like I have in some of the cases.
  • Then, print the slides out and cut them out to make little cards. 
  • Separate them out into the sections stated at the bottom right corner
  • Read each case and what happened in it
  • Then, try to learn the purple box with the case name.
  • Finally, when you feel confident enough, get somebody to test you by reading out the CAPITAL UNDERLINED text in the purple box and see if you can guess the name of the case.

Once you can guess all of the, you know you are ready for the exam.

This is because, if the exam asks a question about if someone is owed a duty of care, you can say "Yes, in the case of Donoghue v Stavenson" or "No, in the case of Bourhill v Young"

This method obviously excludes the Acts of Parliament at the end, which you'll just have to learn the best way you can.


  • Please ignore spelling or grammar or any other mistakes. I made these myself. I'm only a 16 year old..:(
  • These are not ALL of the cases you need  to learn, there may be more you need to learn. Consult your teacher or check your Text books
  • As far as I know, it is not important to learn the dates (except for obviously the Occupier's Liability Acts)

I really hope this helps you, they definitely heelpes me. Please let me know what you thought be leaving a comment.


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