The Claims Track System

A simple diagram to help understand the claim track system. Enjoy!

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Small Claims Track Fast Track ... Multi - Track
All aboard the A
All aboard train C, County Court
train, to the County County Court
court. All Small track for multi-track Station
All aboard the B
cases, that are Station
cases, Personal injury train, for all fast
of up to £1,000 and contract and tort
track cases. These
other claims up to
£5,000. No legal aid
A are non complex B cases, under
£50,000 and are C
and between
necessary... not complex. To
£5,000 - £15,000
the county court...
County Court County Court
Station Station
High Court
D All aboard train D,
for multi-track
cases that are too
complicated to be
Key: Platform 1 handled by any
Train A example, Mark puts a claim in for a personal injury which is other court, or are
Queens bench Division of a value of
valued at £750. Mark vacates the train at the county court station.
Stop! Here for £50,000 or more.
Train B example, Kevin puts a claim in for a non-complex case, he contract and tort
spends one day in court and the case is resolved. His case was cases over £50,000
valued at £12,000. He leaves the train at the county court station.
Train C example, Jenny's business puts in a claim for a contract
case, which is valued at £35,000. It's a simple case, which is not in
need of an experienced judge. She therefore gets of at the county
court station.
Train D example, Neil has had a problem with medical negligence,
when having a recent operation on his knee. This makes the case
complicated. The case is worth £75,000 therefore he must stay on
multi-track train D and get off at the High court station.


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