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·Promotional Message when trading
·Consider the role of international trading
·The 4 P's internationally…read more

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Why do international companies
want to establish brands
It makes them memorable which encourages
repeat purchase
Human nature encourages people to stick to
what they know (customer loyalty)
It allows the company to take advantage of
economies of scale (they can use their
marketing material in more than one country)…read more

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Products with different names
Flip Flops Thongs
Crisps Chips
Trousers Pants
Petrol Gas
Plaster Band-aid
Biscuit Cookie…read more

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When marketing internationally
you need to consider
The context of the adverts
Images used
Name used
Packaging used…read more

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The dangers for international
Language barriers ­ accurate communication is
vital to avoid misunderstandings
Differences in gestures and body language
Local knowledge
Customs ­ some cultures believe in directness
rather than diplomacy (or the other way around)
Legislations…read more

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Krispy Kreme....
Encouraged UK consumers to buy and eat doughnuts
as a communal experience [sharing]
It calls on UK consumers to be `office heroes' and has
launched gift cards that give the holder a box of 12
doughnuts for each month
It is an American concept that has transferred well
because they've adapted it to the UK's tradition of
bringing cakes to work for birthdays and other
occasions…read more

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