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· Stakeholders will all have different priorities concerning
· The different stakeholder groups will understand and
acknowledge other groups objectives but their own
objectives may take priority
· Business managers have the task of resolving potential
conflicts…read more

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large dividends = funds Employees
away from investing High wages = less profitable
Local Community into long term growth (owners), smaller dividends
Preserve life, resent (owners) (shareholders)
expansion= may spoil
expansion plans
Using profits to expand
business= smaller
Maximise tax, impose
regulations= taxes Suppliers
+regulations are Customers Maximise profits + small
burden so may have to Low prices, innovation, credit periods= business
relocate good quality + service= wants to minimise costs +
managers + shareholders increase credit periods
want maximised profits…read more

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· The attitudes of the owners/directors
· Will want the business to expand by using the company's profits
· Corporate culture
· The organizations values will also influence corporate objectives
· The age of the business
· Businesses don't usually beak even until 3 years in so if they're
younger than that their objectives will aim towards survival
· The company's legal structure
· Shareholders of PLC's are more interested in short term profit and
shareholder value rather than long term growth…read more

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· Actions of competitors
· If there are lots of new competitors then the business is more likely to
focus on growth
· Economic factors
· If people in the current market have a small disposable income then
firms may have objectives concentrating on expanding abroad
· Legislation
· Smoking ban made pubs suffer. Objectives will face this issue e.g.
Create a smokers area in the pub garden within 5 months.
· Social Attitudes
· Fast food will suffer from health campaigns and people wanting to be
healthy. Objectives will face this issue e.g. to have all nutritional
information on all products in 6 months…read more

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· Most stakeholders will be concerned with the businesses long
term survival and the businesses profitability
· Without the businesses survival or profitability there will be job
losses, no dividends and no growth
· However there will be some disagreements
e.g. local community won't welcome huge factory and the likely
traffic that will come with it even though that's what the
business owners want…read more

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