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Topic 3 ­ Making Business Decisions…read more

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What is corporate culture?
· The personality of the organisation based on its values
and beliefs which translated into the norms of the
· It's shown in the
· Dress codes
· Office layout
· Technology used
· There are no right or wrong cultures.…read more

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Strong and weak organisational
Strong Weak
· Employees strongly support the · Employees don't support the
corporate culture corporate culture
· Staff are loyal and labour turnover is · Capable staff leave, incompetent
low staff left behind
· Motivation and productivity is high · Motivation and productivity is low
· There is good communication · There is an `us and them' mentality
· Management and employees have · Staff forced to comply with company
mutual respect rules
· Result: superior performance · Result: poor performance…read more

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"Organizations that have strong and
unique cultures generally experience
excellent performance
­ Gayeski, 1998…read more

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How corporate cultures form
They're formed by many influences, take a long time to evolve and
will be different in how they evolve in each business
The wishes + aspirations of Customer Expectations
the founders
The product/service the
company provides
The personalities of key
Culture + social factors where
the business operates
Scrutiny by the public…read more

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