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Topic 9
Global Marketing
Types of Infrastructure
Media…read more

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The Media
Global media (the internet, tv and movies) has
increased similarities between customers
tastes throughout the world…read more

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The Domestic Approach
The domestic approach to global marketing is
where the business focuses on selling in the
domestic market and assumes that foreign
markets are similar Weaknesses
Spend less on marketing because you use The marketing mix hasnt been adapted
the same promotional material all over for the markets individually so it can be
the world risky
Average production costs are lowered Not doing individual market research can
because you can take advantage of lead to costly mistakes
economies of scale
Costs of market research are lowered…read more

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Adapt product range for each country
USA: American dream, late night snack
AUS: Maple tree hugger
Japan: Oh my apple pie
Adapt their content, covers, website etc to the
country they're selling too
USA: Natalie Portman on cover
UK: Zooey Deschanel on cover…read more

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More info about the domestic
Also known as ethnocentric model
For some businesses this succeeds because all the
markets they operate in have similar expectations
For most businesses it won't be effective ­ it's
most likely that some adaptation is needed.
Different markets will have different forms of
competition and different levels of competition so
the business will need to respond differently to
them…read more

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The International Approach
The international approach is where the
business adapts to meet the needs of each
This is also known as glocalisation
Strengths Weaknesses
It allows businesses to adapt their Market research costs are high
marketing techniques and product to
each countries language, culture and
buying trends
It holds less risk than the domestic Promotional costs are high as you have to
approach adapt promotional material for each
country…read more

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