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The Functionalist Perspective:

Functionalists believe that society works by way of a VALUE CONSENSUS wherein everyone
cooperates and has shared goals for the good of the society.
Within this society, there are different INSTITUTIONS (such as kinship, education,
economic, media) which all…

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so the family had to adapt.
Parsons believes that modern, industrial society has two essential needs:
o A GEOGRAPHICALLY MOBILE WORKFORCE: Previously, people spent their whole
lives living and working on the same farm, but now industries spring up and decline
in different parts of the country (or world) so…

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o INHERITANCE OF PROPERY: Marx called the earliest, classless society 'primitive
communism' ­ there was no private property and all members owned the Means of
Production. There was no family, but what ENGLES called the 'promiscuous horde' in
which there were no restrictions on sexual relationships. However, as society's

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FEMINISTS argue that the family is a tool used by powerful men in order to oppress
women and maintain a patriarchy.
They do not regard gender-inequalities as natural or unavoidable, but as a social construct.
Feminism, however, is a broad term and covers four main branches:

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actual or threatened domestic and sexual violence.
Radical Feminists argue that, to be free from patriarchal control is to abolish the family. The
only way to do this is through SEPARATISM ­ women must organise themselves to live
independently of men.
Many Radical Feminists argue for 'political lesbianism' ­ the…


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