Families and households

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  • Families and households
    • Topic 1 Couples
      • The domestic division of labour
      • The impact of paid work
      • Resources and decision-making in Households
      • Domestic violence
    • Topic 2 Childhood
      • Childhood as a social construct
      • Has the position of children improved
      • The future of childhood
    • Topic 3 The functions of the family
      • The functionalist perspective on the family
      • The Marxist perspective on the family
      • Feminist perspectives on the family
    • Topic 4 Demography
      • Births
      • Deaths
      • Migration
    • Topic 5 Changing family patterns
      • Divorce
      • Partnerships
      • Parents and children
      • Ethnic differences in family patterns
      • The extended family today
    • Topic 6 Family diversity and the life course
      • Modernism and the nuclear family
      • Post modernity and the life course
    • Topic 7 Families and social policy
      • A comparative view of family policy
      • Perspectives on the family and social policy


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