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Families and Households

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Topic 1: What is meant by the Identify two criticisms of the Assess the view that family benefits all
Functions of the term `primary functionalist perspective. members of society.
Family socialisation'?
Identify two criticisms of the Assess the contribution of functionalism to

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What is meant by the Identify 2/3 reasons for Assess the view that roles and relationships
term `symmetrical domestic violence among couples are becoming more equal.
Assess the view that it still makes sense to
talk about the patriarchal family.

What is meant by the Suggest 2/3 weaknesses of…

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What is meant by the Suggest 2/3 examples of the
term `March of commercialisation of
Progress'? housework.

Topic 3: What is meant by `serial Identify 2/3 ways for the trend Examine the changing patterns in the U.K.
Changing Family monogamy'? towards women getting since the 1970's.
Patterns married later.

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Identify 3 social policies against
family diversity.
Topic 5: What is meant by the Suggests 2/3 reasons for the Examine the trends in births and deaths in the
Demography term `demography'? changes in births/deaths/family U.K. since 1900.
Examine trends in deaths and family size since

Examine trends in…


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