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Chapters Setting Key events Characters Themes
1: early Summer1933 Maycomb -family history/town Cal, Atticus, Jem, Scout, Dill, Family traits
-Uncle Jack Radleys, Ewells.
-meet Dill
-Radley Place
2-3: Sept 1933 School, Maycomb -Scout start school Cal, Atticus, Jem, Scout, Education
-Burris Ewell Burris Ewell, Walter, Miss Growing up
-Walter Cunningham…

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12-15: Summer 1935 Maycomb -Jem starts to mature Tom, Rev Sykes, Aunt Society
Start of Adult games -Black Church Alexandra, Dill, Scout, Jem, Prejudice
-Tom's case- rape Atticus, Zeebo, Cal
-Aunt Alexandra moves in
-Dill runs away to the Finch's
16-17: Summer 1935 Maycomb, Court House -Dolphus Raymond Tom, Atticus,…

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-Bob attacks Jem and Scout,
Jem breaks his arm, Boo
saves them, Bob dies
30-31: End 1935 Maycomb -finally meet Boo Inequality
-Bob "fell on his knife" (Boo
killed him)


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