To Kill A Mockingbird Themes and Messages.

Themes and Messages

In TKAM there are several types of courage, there is basic, physical courage to overcome childish fears, like when the children run up to the Radley place, Atticus also shows this physical courage when he kills Tim Robinson, the mad dog.
Scout shows a more difficult form of courage - moral courage. She has to find it in order to not retaliate when the school children make fun and call Atticus names. She shows she is old beyond her years, as even some adults in the book find it difficult to grasp moral courage and courage in general (Ewell's).
The courage to take on and carrry through a task which is certain to end in failure, is the most difficult yet most special type of courage to possess. Atticus has this type of courage when he takes on the Tom Robinson case, due to the deeply racist and prejudice Maycomb community, it is almost doomed to fail yet he takes it on. He believes within himself that Tom is innocent and the evidence prooves this further. Mrs Dubose also uses this courage, when she attempts to rid herself of her drug addiction. She wins her battle, and Atticus says she is "the bravest person he knows" 
Bob Ewell is a character without any courage, he tries to take revenge on the children, and even then he does not have the courage to face them in the daylight. He attacks them when they are


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