To kill a mockingbird main characters

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  • TKAMB main characters
    • Scout
      • Narrator
      • Very close relatonship with Atticus and Jem
      • Very intelligent - hates school as she knows more than others
      • Untitled
      • Tomboy
        • Resists Aunt's attempts to dress her like a girl
        • Sees benefits of being a lady eventually (Aunt Alexandra, Miss Maudie)
      • Fights people who insult Atticus (quick temper, lack of self contol)
      • Inquisitive - Boo, Calpurnia
      • Well meaning - thinks the best of people
      • Thinks of others - Walter Cunningham, Boo
    • Jem
      • Close to Scout but as he grows older he grows apart from her although he still looks out for her and protects her
      • Loves and admires Atticus
      • Bravery
        • Sees himself as brave by casting self as hero in games
        • Is brave - trousers at Radley place, when attacked by bob
      • Intelligent and quick thinking - sees mad dog, knows ground is cooler
      • Scout says he has 'a naturally tranquil disposition and slow fuse.'
      • More mature than Scout
      • Loses faith in justice system and human nature
    • Dill
      • Family
        • has no proper home - spends time with relatives
        • A victim of others' selfishness
      • Scout sees him as a 'curiosity'
      • Joins in games, active imagination
      • His idea to make Boo come out
      • Quick thinker - explains Jem's lost trousers
      • Becomes 'engaged' to Scout
      • Sobs during trial - wants justice, anti racist
      • Dill's outsider status allows him to see Maycomb differently
      • Wants to be a clown
    • Calpurnia
      • Lives in black community
      • Doesn't know age
      • Atticus sees her as part of the family - been there since Jem's birth
      • Firm but kind
      • Well educated - taught Scout to write
      • Atticus depends on her, refuses to let her go
      • At church speaks with a different voice
      • Teaches Scout and Jem community values
    • Tom Robinson
      • Lives on outskirts of Maycomb
      • Worked for Mr link Deas for 8 years
      • Befriended Mayella/felt sorry for her
      • Left arm is crippled so couldn't have injured Mayella
      • Speaks well at trial/earns our respect
      • Killed when trying toe scape from prison
    • Boo Radley
      • Name mentioned at start of story
      • Scout describes him as a 'malevolent phantom'
      • Children afraid to go near his house
      • Recluse who was emotionally damaged by his cruel father
      • Intelligent - leaves spelling medal in knothole
      • Sees whole life of Maycomb from his house
      • Grows to love the children - leaves gifts, mends Jem's trousers, saves lives
      • Scout realises what life is like for him when she guides him home
    • Bob Ewell
      • Rough man
      • No job and lives off social security money
      • Rude and ill mannered
      • Racist, ignorant and hate filled
      • Proved to be a liar
      • Untitled


Paul Dutton


A really useful guide to the characters from the novel, well presented.




Elly R Haynes


Really good resource for the characters there and very well presented but would be better with a section for Atticus

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