To Kill A Mockingbird Character Profiles

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Characters in To Kill A Mockingbird

Scout Finch:

Scout Finch is the main character of the story as she is the girl that narrates the whole story. She is approaching six at the beginning of the story and is eight when it finishes. The whole story is about her learning to grow up and learn the ways of Maycomb and decide whether she thinks its views are right or not. She is a tomboy and gets along well with her brother Jem and her father Atticus. 

Random Quote find:

Find somewhere in the novel when Scout experiences fear and has to learn to be mature to deal with the situation:

Pg. 59 - Scout, Jem and Dill are chased by Nathan Radley with a shot gun. She shows bravery when she runs back to save her brother. Shows she is growing up.

Pg. 90 - Scout is with her cousin Francis and she calls her a '******-lover' so Scout decides to hit her in which she gets punished for, gives an in site to the un-fair system of Maycomb and


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