Titles for Jesus in depth

The titles for Jesus, Son of God, Son of Man, Son of David, Messiah/Christ

Where it is used - brief background - advantages, disadvantages

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Son of -The paralysed man: `Then -Jesus used this title 14 times -emphasises -hard to relate to
Man Son of Man has authority on throughout the gospel Jesus' human side because of it's
ear to forgive sins' -Authority to forgive appealing to many historical
-Jewish Trial: `I am, and you -Power and authority over nature, humans, he served connections with
will all see the Son of Man healing others and was the OT and Jesus'
seated on the right of the -points to his future glory (Daniels prepared to die ­ time + culture
Almighty and coming with the vision in the OT) `Son of man came selfless love -vague so the
clouds of heaven!' to judge' `son of man coming with - point to his future meaning can be
-Request of James and John: the two clouds of heaven' glory (what he said unclear
`For even the Son of Man did at the trail before
not come to serve, but to the Sanhedrin)
serve' -own preferred title
-vague so no one
could accuse him
of anything
Son of -Baptism: `You are my own -Power and authority -clear meaning, -off putting, some
God dear son, I am pleased with -describes the closeness between BEST TITLE no prefer to think of
you.' God and Jesus political Jesus as a
-Transfiguration: `This is my -Found in OT, the land of Israel was association, not personal friend +
own dear son, listen to him!' referred to as `Son of God' tied to a particular saviour
-Opening sentence of Marks -Jesus hardly called himself the Son time/ culture
Gospel: `This is the good of God, but when asked he didn't -shows closeness
news about Jesus Christ, Son deny it of Jesus + gods'
of God' relationship ­
-Jewish Trial: `Are you the reminds people of
Christ, Son of the Blessed healing and saving
God?' power
Jesus' death: `This man really
was the son of God!
Christ/ Caesarea Philippi: `You are MESSIANIC SECRET -Jesus in a -Jewish titles which
Messia the Christ' -Christ: leader promised by God to Historical context means little to
h Entry into Jerusalem: entered the Jews `Anointed one' as a descendant of modern Xns
on a donkey, claim to be -Messiah: person who God will send David (fulfilling OT -signifies
Messiah to save humanity (Hebrew form of prophecies ­ leadership which
the word Christ) A great king/ruler like leader who would can be
david?? Warrior to free them from promote justice) misunderstood
Roman rule. Supernatural fig, leader -shows Jesus as an linking it to power
sent by God to lead Jews back to important leader in and status
God. a significant way ­ -warrior
-May be seen as a threat to peace. for Xns Jesus is
Celeb figure, stopped from preaching exactly that
& healing
-many had the wrong idea about the
-after entry into Jerusalem he was
seen as a threat to peace and was
arrested within a week.
-freethe Jews from Roman rule
Son of Blind Bartemaeus: `Son of -David was very -Jews were
David David, have mercy on me!' close to god so it expecting the
Entry into Jerusalem: `Blessed is showing also Messiah to be a
is the coming kingdom of our that Jesus is close descendant of
Father David!' to God David ­ may
compare Jesus to
David as a great


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