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  • Titles for Jesus
    • Son of God: This is the title that is frequently used in the new testament for Jesus. Jesus often refers to himself as the Son of God however her often refers to God as his father. Universally, Christians un-derstand this title to literally mean he is the son of God. It is also taken to be a synonym for divinity.
    • Son of Man: This is the title that Jesus preferred to used for himself. In fact, it's the only title he freely used. However, no one else has ever used this title for him- not even early Christians. In the Synoptic Gospels, He uses this title for himself over 60 times.
    • Christ / Messiah: It is important to know that Christ is not a name but a title for Jesus. Messiah, a word which often occurs in the Old Testament, signifies 'high priest' or 'king' - a man chosen by God to serve as religious, civil, or military authority.
    • Lord: The Gospel and Acts frequently refer to Jesus as Lord. Jesus himself has never actually claimed the title.


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