Is the 'Son of Man' a good title for Jesus?

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Is the 'Son of Man' a good title for Jesus?


  • Emphasises Jesus' humanity and humility
  • 'man' shows he is just like any other mana and Christians can therefore relate to him and lead from his example
  • Jesus, himself, preferred this title. it shows that he was prepared to suffer and die for others


  • Some find it hard to relate to a Jewish title that is so linked to the Old Testament and the 1st century.
  • It is a vague title so it doesn't show how Jesus is seen
  • Son of god can seem more remote and some christians prefer to think of Jesus as a more personal figure, who they can be close to


I personally think that this is a good title for Jesus as it proves that he is also human so Christians are more able to relate to him as well as showing Jesus' importance.


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