Cold war timeline

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Year: Events:
Bolshevik Revolution-Lenin comes to power in Russia
1917 US, France, Britain and Japan send troops to fight Bolsheviks until 1921
Jan-Woodrow Wilson releases the '14 Points' stating that each country
1918 should have the right to self-determination. Also, wanted an international
body to be created to keep peace
March-Treaty of Brest-Litovsk: Bolshevik govt pulls out of WW1
March-Bolshevik govt executed Tsar
Comintern created by Bolshevik Russia
USSR angered at Britain and France's attempts to follow a policy of
1938 appeasement with regards to an aggressive Germany
Aug-Stalin signs non-aggression pact with Germany where USSR regains
1939 portions of Poland, Finland, Romania and all of the Baltic states
Sept-WW2 starts
Jan-US lifts trade embargo against Soviet
1941 March-Nazi Germany invades Russia
Grand alliance formed against Germany, Italy and Japan
Oct-first $9.5 B of Len-Lease aid reached Russia
Roosevelt promised Stalin he would launch an invasion of Europe in the
1942 autumn. It never happened although Stalin wanted it to
`Big Three' meet in Teheran
1943 Roosevelt again promised to launch an attack in Europe, never happened
Roosevelt promised he would launch an attack in Europe that June but Stalin
1944 was furious it was so far away and so withdrew ambassadors from
June-D-Day finally launched which opened up a second front that Stalin
Aug-Soviets refused to help in the Warsaw uprising in Poland against British
and US wishes
Percentages Agreement-Stalin and Churchill met up in Moscow and proposed
dividing South East Europe into spheres of influence behind the USA's back.
Gave Stalin an excuse to exercise his power however he wants
Romania-90% USSR
Greece-90% Britain
Bulgaira-75% USSR
Feb Yalta Conference:
1945 Dedicated to peace and general wellbeing
Substantial parts of Poland given to USSR but agreed that Poland should
have a government and democracy
Churchill stated that "there is nothing I can do for Poland"
Germany split into zones
UN set up

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March-British and US officials excluded Soviets in effort to secure surrender
of German troops in established that the United States would provide
political, military and economic assistance to all democratic nations under
threat from external or internal authoritarian forces Italy
March-Stalin organised a coup in Romania which led to National Democratic
Front govt
March-Stalin invited the non-communist Polish leaders to meet him and
arrested them
May-end of WW2
16 July-news flashed to Truman about success of first atomic bomb.…read more

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Parallel created and became boundary between the Democratic People's
Republic of Korea ( North Korea ) and the Republic of Korea (South Korea)
13 July-Republic of Korea (South) proclaimed
Sept-Democratic People's Republic of Korea ( North) proclaimed
April-Northern Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) established which was
1949 dedicated to peace and protection of national security.…read more


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