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Year: Events:
Bolshevik Revolution-Lenin comes to power in Russia
1917 US, France, Britain and Japan send troops to fight Bolsheviks until 1921

Jan-Woodrow Wilson releases the '14 Points' stating that each country
1918 should have the right to self-determination. Also, wanted an international
body to be created to keep…

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March-British and US officials excluded Soviets in effort to secure surrender
of German troops in established that the United States would provide
political, military and economic assistance to all democratic nations under
threat from external or internal authoritarian forces Italy
March-Stalin organised a coup in Romania which led to National…

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Parallel created and became boundary between the Democratic People's
Republic of Korea ( North Korea ) and the Republic of Korea (South Korea)
13 July-Republic of Korea (South) proclaimed

Sept-Democratic People's Republic of Korea ( North) proclaimed
April-Northern Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) established which was
1949 dedicated…


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