Three Gorges Dam Case Study

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Domestic and international tourism Huge displacement of population at a projected cost of $100 million
including displaced farmers being given land of poorer quality
Creation of a 600km long reservoir and multi-level ship lock has enabled 1.3 million people relocated and 13 cities, 140 towns and 1,350 villages
large container ships (up to 10,000 tonnes) to travel between Shanghai and submerged along with many sacred cultural landmarks, good quality
Chongqing fuelling development farmland and small businesses
Shift from burning 30 million tonnes of coal a year to a renewable energy Promised jobs have not materialised
Reduced flood risk for 100 million people downstream Communities moved downstream have found it difficult to adapt to farming
different crops and to adjust to a new culture
Many settlements built to re-house the relocated are better built, have Ethnic minorities eg.Tujia have been marginalised - had to adapt to new
better access to infrastructure (electricity, running water), and improved styles of housing & have lost their traditional farming practises. Many of
provision of key services (schools, healthcare) them now work in the tourist industry running boat tours along the river
The ecosystem of the Yangtze river has changed. (Chemical balance,
temperature and flow velocity). Chinese river dolphin now extinct & many
fish species endangered = heavily affected the fishing industry
Raw sewage is pumped into the river upstream - there is not yet a sewage
treatment plant to deal with it. Sewage becomes trapped behind the dam -
pollutes the water & damages the biodiversity. It is also putting an
increased pressure on the dam walls.

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