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3500BC ­ 2500BC - Neolithic…read more

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The site
3 henges ­ each 240m diameter
Each henge has second external ditch and bank
Only found at 3 other nearby henges including
Orientated NNW-SSE
Entrances are NW-SE
Lithic finds in vicinity of the henges are scarce
Nearest concentration is at Chapel Hill ­ 1.2miles
East of central henge
Banks of henges covered in gypsum
Banks of henge restricts view of outside world…read more

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Hambleton Hill and other high prominent natural
features blocked from view
Outer ditch of each monument is segmentary
Excavation revealed there was maintenance over
Henges next to river Ure
Some polished stone axes from Great Langdale
quarry found ­ deposited in boggy area
immediately to north of henges
Over time alterations were made to southern
henge ­ causeway narrowed and a low fence
Lithic assemblage at Chapel Hill suggests stone
originated from many different locations across
northern europe
Some suggest the henges are aligned to orion's…read more


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