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Howard Carter
The Tomb of
Tutankhamen…read more

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Howard Carter (9 May 1874 ­ 2 March
Howard Carter began working in Egypt when he was 17. After several years of working as
the head of antiquities in both Upper and Lower Egypt, Lord Carnarvon recruited him to
help with a series of excavations he was funding. These excavations led to The Valley of the
Kings.…read more

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Valley of the Kings…read more

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Who was King `Tut'?
He was an ancient Egyptian pharaoh who reigned for 9-10 years (1333-1324). He was 9 rs old when he became pharaoh.
There has been much speculation over how he died; murder or accident.
His tomb is so significant because it was discovered almost entirely intact.…read more

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The Tomb
The first steps leading into the tomb of Tutankhamen were found on November 4, 1922. The
entrance to the tomb was uncovered the following day, on November 5. Carter, accompanied by
Lord Carnarvon, his daughter Lady Evelyn and several others. They had their first glimpse of
the interior of the tomb on November 26.…read more

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`Wondrous things'
A golden throne
A solid gold shrine
containing king and queen
statues…read more

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