Ancestor/Ancestor cult

Posibility of ancestors intervening/worship of ancestors.

e.g. Pharaohs.

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The worship of only one god in a religion.

E.g. Christianity or the sole worship of Aten at Akhetaten( Tel el armana)

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Ritual feasting

Consumption of food/drink that follows after a ritual act. The food is thought to be also eaten by the gods.

e.g. The Opet Festival

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The belief that animals/plants/rocks/people all have a spirit.

e.g. Horus, falcon headed god.

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A collection of stories which passes on the meaning of the cosmos

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an offering to appease the gods.

e.g. ritual offerings at Tel el Armana

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Art and Iconography

study of the meaning behind images that are used in a specific culture.

e.g. reliefs of the 'feast of the beautiful meeting' between Horus and Seth on the pylons at the Temple of Horus at Edfu

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holy journey to a holy place made by a person at least once.

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sensory experience

sight/smell/touch/taste/sound part of the ceremonial ritual

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