Thornborough Henges

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  • Thornborough Henges
    • Neolithic henge monument, in  Yorkshire
    • Comparative arch sites
      • Dorchester Henges
        • compared with Thornburgh because they both have a bank which was enclosed by a ditch on either side, feature very unusual within henges
      • The Devil's Arrow, Boroughbridge, Yorkshire
        • Three standing stones in alignment
        • Thought to be incorporated with Thornborough henges
    • Features
      • Alignment with Orion's belt
      • Henges had their surrounding banks covering in white gypsum
      • Part of ritual landscape, contains a cursus (goes through central henge & 1 mile long)
        • Also related to the standing stones at nearby Boroughbridge
    • Site Description
      • Each henge has two entrances which are opposite to each other
      • Series of three Neolithic henges in a line.
      • Layout of the henges is believed to resemble and mirror the three stars of 'Orion's belt'
      • Each henge is roughly identical in size & composition, each having a diameter of about 240m.
      • Located in north Yorkshire
    • Artefacts
      • Lithic materials (used as cutting tools)
        • found to be made of local gravel, Pennine chert & flint
      • Grooved ware pottery found over the site (periodic revisits)
    • Religious key terms
      • Worldview
      • Focus of attention (due to gypsum, henges could be seen for miles.
      • Magic  (associated with number 3)
      • Pilgrim (processional ways)
      • Sensory experience
      • Rites of intensification (bring community together to build)
      • Worship (Orion's belt)


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