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Theories in Detail- Cognitive and Social Psychology


Agency Theory- Milgram
People obey orders from authority figures.
Agentic State is where individuals give up their free will in order to serve the needs
of society.
Autonomous State is where individuals have free will.
Moral Strain is the unpleasant sensation resulting…

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Levels of Processing- Craik and Lockhart 1972
Came up with an influential approach to explaining how memory works.
Aim was to explain why some things are better remembered than others,
suggesting that how well a piece of information is processed depends on the way in
which it is processed.…

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memories are still active in the mind but an individual isn't aware of them, as they are
stored in the unconscious mine, but they can trigger symptoms.
At its most dramatic, it is the blanking out of all memories, its usually acquired in
childhood from a bad experience with parents.…


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