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The Woman In Black…read more

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Technique- setting
Quote- "it was the only solid thing for miles around"
Technique- setting
Quote- "that gaunt empty house"
Technique ­ personification
Quote ­ "creeping in and out of the alleyways and passages"
Technique ­ Personification + simile
Quote ­ "...seething through the cracks and crannies like sour breath. "
Technique ­ Word choice
Quote ­ "It was a yellow fog, a filthy evil smelling fog, a fog that choked and blinded, smeared and stained."
Technique ­ Word choice
Quote ­ "The fog had scarcely allowed any daylight to penetrate the foul gloom of the atmosphere."
Technique ­ word choice
Quote ­ "...sucked into a horrible echoing maelstrom."…read more

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Technique- Simile
Quote- "it was a mist like a damp, clinging cobwebby thing" Page 73
Technique ­ onomatopoeia
Quote ­"Bump bump. Pause. Bump bump. Pause" Page 84/109
Technique ­ Personification
Quote ­ "silence, a seething, blanketing, almost tangible silence." Page 109
Technique ­ word choice
Quote- "an ugly satanic-looking thing" p45
Technique- personification
Quote-"the wind continued to howl"
Technique- 5-senses/word choice
Quote- "the sound of moaning"
Technique- metaphor
Quote ­ "I was paralysed, rooted to the spot" p121
Technique ­ word choice
Quote-"...the malevolence and hatred and passionate bitterness" p121
Quote-"It pierced me through" p121…read more

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· The story starts on Christmas Eve, with Arthur
Kipps in his front doorway, looking outside,
the weather was bad, which is pathetic fallacy
and prophetic irony. He then goes inside and
sits with his family around a fire telling ghost
stories. They ask him to tell a story an he says
no. He has a story but couldn't tell it. He does
decide to write it.…read more

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He is instructed by Mr Bentley, his boss, to handle
the affairs of Mrs Alice Drablow of Eel Marsh House,
in Crythin Gifford. He goes up and on the train
meets Mr Samuel Daily who says that he will
happily be of any help and that Kipps will be the
one at the funeral. When he arrives and says that
he dealing with the Drablow estate everyone keeps
their distance. At the funeral, he sees The Woman
In Black but doesn't know who she is. He thinks that
she is a mourner and he feels sorry for he because
she looks like she was suffering from a wasting
disease and she had some former beauty.…read more

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At the school next to the church, there are twenty
or so children, who we later realise are the woman'
s victims. When he tells Mr Jerome that he saw her,
Jerome almost faints and insists that he goes home.
Keckwick, the driver, takes him to the house, over
the causeway. Due to the tides, there are certain
times when he could cross it. He sees her again and
chases after her. When she disappears, he then
realises that she is actually a ghost. He goes back to
the house and looks around. He decides that it is
pointless him looks through the letters etc. so he
starts walking back so that he can save Keckwick a
journey.…read more

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