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Vietnam divided

Before the Second World War, Vietnam had been a French colony. Post the world war. Ho Chi
Minh led Vietnamese nationalists and communists into a fight with the French. In 1954, France
decided to pull out of Vietnam. As a result, Vietnam was divided in 2; North Vietnam…

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In July 1965, President Johnson agreed to send 180,000 American troops into Vietnam. This
increased over a period of 3 years until there were 540,000 American soldiers in Vietnam.
The fighting intensifies

Between 1965 and 1967 there was heavy fighting. American involvement was widely
criticised, there were even many people…

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3. He tried to persuade China and The USSR to use their influence over North Vietnam. He
promised in return American help in other areas. The soviets and Chinese saw no
reason to try to help the USA over Vietnam.

My Lai

On 16 March 1968 American soldiers massacred the…


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