Vietnam 1954-1975 Revision Notes

These are just some brief revisio notes which cover Vietnam 1954-1975). They cover everything you need to know if studying this topic for OCR Modern World History Paper 1. All copyrights go to BBC Bitesize.

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Vietnam 19541975:
How did the US get involved?
During the Second World War Southeast Asia had been under Japanese control, but in 1945
the French reoccupied IndoChina. A nationalist group, the Vietminh, eventually
surrounded and wiped out the French occupying army and America was dragged into
fighting a costly and disastrous war in Vietnam.

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Canada, and young black men were twice as likely to
be killed).
After the Vietnam War
In 1975, two years after the Americans left, South Vietnam was united with the North it
was now a communist state. What was the lasting effect of war on America and Vietnam?
Results of the Vietnam War:
Vietnam united
Although the Americans left Vietnam in 1973, they continued to support the South
Vietnamese army the ARVN with financial and military aid.…read more


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