The Universal Indicator 'Rainbow' Experiment

The apparatus needed and the procedure for the universal indicator 'rainbow' experiment.

Everyone in our chemistry class failed at this... lol xD

But hopefully, you can do better ((and actually get a 'rainbow' :D))

Good luck :)

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Universal Indicator `Rainbow'
A long glass tube is filled with a neutral solution of Universal indicator.
Hydrochloric acid is added to one end and sodium hydroxide solution
to the other. The tube is inverted a few times to mix the solutions and
the `rainbow' of Universal indicator colours appears.


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F. Remove what is now the top stopper. Add 3-4 drops of the
sodium hydroxide solution. The top few centimetres of the liquid
should turn purple.
G. Stopper the tube. Both ends of the tube should now be firmly
H. Remove the tube from the clamp and carefully invert…


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