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Elements of Life Storylines Notes 1

References: Storylines Book (OCR 21st Century)
Made by Nabilah Chowdhury

EL1: Where do chemical elements come from?
Universe Stages
1. Extra hot temps. from Big Bang Hydrogen + helium nuclei formed…

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Elements of Life Storylines Notes 2

3. The compressions makes the gasses very hot atoms lose electrons and become plasma of ionised atoms
and free electrons
4. NUCLEAR FUSION occurs where nuclei gain enough energy to travel at high enough speeds to overcome
electrostatic repulsion between the other (+ve) nuclei…

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Elements of Life Storylines Notes 3

Gorgeous Gamma

Inside the sun
The sun mainly emits visible light.

Core - hottest region, where the nuclear fusion reactions
that power the Sun occur.

Radiative zone - energy is carried outward through this
layer as thermal radiation by photons.

Convective zone - heat…

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Elements of Life Storylines Notes 4

1. Chromosphere absorbs EMR the atoms in the chromosphere are raised to a higher energy level = EXCITED
2. They then lose the extra energy by emitting photons of EMR
3. These emitted photons of EMR produces specific coloured lines/frequencies on the emission…

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Elements of Life Storylines Notes 5

2. Electrical discharge is present
3. The molecules react under these conditions
4. Products formed are amino acids

Second Experiment
1. Dilute solution of ammonia and hydrogen cyanide (HCN) is made
2. Frozen for a few days
3. Identified amino acids + adenine (base)…

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Elements of Life Storylines Notes 6

K Nervous system functioning
S Proteins
Cl Osmosis
Na Nervous system functioning
Mg Regulates enzyme reactions

Solutions for lack of calcium in body

Need to find out how much Ca is taken into the bloodstream, by using tracers (e.g. radioactive isotopes). However,
this is…


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