The Supreme Court

All of my notes from last year. These got me through what I thought was the hardest topic in the course - hope they help you too!

Note: I've put up a separate list of some of the most important Supreme Court cases (

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The Supreme Court

Who are the Supreme Court justices?
John Roberts ­ Chief Justice (and never served as ordinary Justice) replaced William
Antonin Scalia
Anthony Kennedy
Clarence Thomas
Ruth Ginsburg
Stephen Breyer
Samuel Alito
Sonia Sotomayor ­ replaced David Souter
Elena Kagan ­ replaced John Paul Stevens
Chief Justices…

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o This is the belief that the Constitution was supposed to be interpreted to keep it
contemporary ­ interpreted by the Supreme Court, to be precise
o Loose Constructionalists include Stephen Breyer, Ruth Ginsburg, Elena Kagan and
Sonia Sotomayor
o Constitution should be literally adhered to, rather than allowing…

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a year, which gives the Justices a huge scope for picking and choosing the cases that fit any political
agenda best.

Another argument says that any power that the Supreme Court might hold is balanced by Congress's
checks and balances on it. Congress can initiate constitutional amendments, which may be…


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