Background and the Judicary and Parliament



  • Courts of Appeal And Crimminal DIvisions, hear appeals from lower courts
  • The Hight Court, deals with civil disputes
  • The Supreme Court, mainly interpretations of the law
  • They decide whether rule of law has been abused
  • They make law/ interpretate law, regina v jogee 2016, rewrote the law on joint enterprise
  • They enforce common law, murder
  • They also conduct judicial review, M vs Home office 1993, 2013 15,000 applications made 
  • They conduct public inquiries
  • Macpherson Inquiry 1999, to examine handling of a murder case
  • Hutton inquiry 2003, look into suicide of David Kelly
  • Leveson inquiry 2012, to look into phone hacking scandal 
  • Gibson Inquiry, 2013, look into alligations of torture on UK intelligence
  • Constitutional Reform Act, made judges apopointed not lords and gave supreme court more power 

The Judicary And Parliament 

  • Parliament is more powerful ,2010 terrorist asset freezing act passed in Parliament to bypass the supreme court saying they cant


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