The Suffragists and Suffragettes

The differences between both groups shown in a table


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The Suffragists and Suffragettes
Suffragists Suffragettes
Proper Title: National Union of Women's Suffrage
Women's Social and Political Union
Founded: 1897 1903 ­ Split from NUWSS
Achieve the vote quickly, using
Aims: Achieve the vote by peaceful means.
violence if necessary.
Millicent Fawcett:
Younger sister of Dr.
Garrett-Anderson ­ the 1st female
Emmeline Pankhurst,
Leader: doctor.
Daughters; Christabel and Sylvia.
Wife of Henry Fawcett ­ a Liberal
1) Politicians
2) Middle class ­ well paid/connected. Middle class ­ usually the well
3) Tried to appeal to the working class. paid/connected.
Size of Organisation: 500,000 members by 1914. 36,000 members by 1910.
Role in First World
Campaigned for the right to work. Abandoned the use of violence.
"Like a glacier, slow but unstoppable" "Deeds, not words"
Lectures, pamphlets, petitions, To begin with, until 1905, they were
pilgrimages, steady pressure on MPs, similar to the NUWSS. Then their
public meetings, MPs sponsoring methods became more radical and
private members, newspapers ­ violent; arson, window breaking,
"common cause". rushing the house of commons,
demonstrations, chaining themselves to
railings, trying to get arrested, hunger
strikes, attacks on properties,
newspapers ­ "votes for women".


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