suffragists and suffragettes

basic info about the suffragists and suffragettes

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short name for the suffragists?


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who led the suffragist movement?

Millicent Faucett

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methods of the suffragists?

  • debates with MP's
  • leaflets
  • petitions
  • regular meetings
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how did Faucett describe the movement?

like a glacier - slow but unstoppable

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aim of the suffragist movement?

keep movement in the public eye

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problems of the suffragists?

  • lack of success
  • womens suffrage keeps failing when discussed in parliment
  • arguments could be ignored
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strengths of the suffragists?

  • massive working class support
  • shows the rational nature of women
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short name for the suffragettes is...?


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when did direct action begin?


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aim of the suffragette movement?

to keep the movement in the public eye

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problems with the suffragette movement?

VIOLENT and so show that women don't deserve the vote

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strengths of the suffragette movement

  • attract massive media attention
  • keep the issue of womens rights in the public eye
  • shows passion
  • had a large following
  • 30000 copies of their womens rights newspaper were sold every week
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who was the leader of the suffragette party?

Emmeline Pankhurst

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