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The structure of nucleotides in RNA is the same as that of DNA except!
1.The ribose has an extra O atom
2.The organic base Uracil (U), replaces thyamine (T)

Making a nucleic acid strand (chain)
Condensation reactions join the nucleotide monomers together at the
phosphate groups to form one chain…

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Ribonucleic acid (RNA)
Other differences between RNA and DNA:
1.RNA molecules tend to be shortlived
2.RNA is found in the nucleus and in cytoplasm
3.Rna molecules are actively involved in the synthesis of proteins.

There are three different types of RNA
mRNA:messenger RNA
mRNA carries the genetic code from the…

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rRNA:ribosomal RNA
Ribosomes are made of rRNA+ protein
rRNA molecules can also form a double helix.
rRNA molecules are large and complex.

tRNA:transfer RNA
tRNA molecules are small only 80 nucleotides long.
tRNA molecules occur in the cytoplasm.

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tRNA molecules bring the appropriate amino acid to the ribosome so the
correct protein can be made.




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