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The Social Learning Theory of
What is the social learning theory of aggression?

The social learning theory (SLT) was developed mainly by Bandura, and it suggests that aggression is
learnt from the environment through reinforcement and the process of modelling. Modelling involves
learning through the observation of other people,…

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There were 72 children, 36 boys and 36 girls, with a mean age of 52 months.

There were three conditions:

- Aggressive model shown

-Non-aggressive model shown

-Control condition, no model shown.

A matched pairs design was used with 24 children (12 boys and 12 girls) in each condition,…

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Aggression was shown and imitated against a bobo doll, not a real person-may lack mundane realism.

Aggression was induced in and taught to, children. Exposure to an adult's aggression may have been
frightening for the children.

This research provides reasonable support for the SLT idea that behaviour can be…

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Cultural differences in aggressive behaviour

There are different levels of aggression being taught in different cultures. The `Theory of Violence'
(Wolfgang and Ferracun) shows that some cultures emphasise the aggressive behaviour while others
learn from non-aggressive models and are likely to produce individuals who have low levels of



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