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The Social
Achievements of
Jews in Weimar
Germany, 1918-
1930…read more

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The Political Parties and The
There were a number of Jewish Newspapers
They had Liberal Views, equivalent of the Tabloids
They reached large audiences
Theodor Wolff, editor of a newspaper
Had DDP views and was one of the founders
Walther Rathenau, large electrical firm. Believer in Jewish assimilation
and was convinced that anti-Semitism would simply fade away
The Vilstein publishing empire produced numerous political newspapers
and journals
Many were not directly political but reached a large audience
The influence that Jews had was hit by large anti-Semitic views
Again, the influence that Jews had was widely exaggerated and regarded
as a result of conspiracy…read more

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Industry, Business and Banking
Jews did achieve wealth and influence
This was massively exaggerated by Jewish Propaganda
They dominated coal mines, steelworks and the chemical industry
Banking families owned about 50% of all private banks
However, banks owned by Jews made up about 18% of all of Germanys
They owned almost have of firms involved in the cloth trade
About 80% of all department stores were owned by Jews and 60% were
employed in retail
Their role was much more invisible in the bigger towns and cities
However, not all Jews were well off
There were high profile scandals involving Jewish firms including bribery
for state loans
Most were law abiding but some did provoke anti-Semitic outbursts…read more

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The Professions and The
Jews made up 1% of the population
16% of the German population and Jews were lawyers and 11% were
20% of working Germans were Jewish
Many lawyers were baptised as Christians but were considered Jewish
because of their ancestry
More than half of the doctors in Berlin were Jewish
However, the medical profession was becoming crowded with so many
new entrants
Many individual Jewish lawyers became National Figures
Many German Jews saw their future as further assimilation
There were 38 Nobel Prizes given out, 9 of them were given to a Jew
However, gaining a promotion was a lot slower than what it would have
been for a non-Jew…read more

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Contribution of the Jews to
Weimar Germany
Music, theatre and art
Berlin became world famous for its creativity in
architecture, music, theatre and cinema. Jews were
so important to this that many parts of Weimar would
not have developed without them
Many talents emigrated because of the Nazi
persecution and so Germany lost out
The Nazis claimed that because everything was
modern the Jews created everything when actually
few Jews did
Assimilation had progressed a lot throughout this time
period…read more


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