Why did the Rump Parliament end?

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Why was the Rump Parliament so conservative?

  • Individual MPs were conservative - 22/41 members of the Council of State refused to swear an oath approving of the regicide
  • Threats to security made consolidation a priority rather than reform - Irish/Scottish threats
  • Economic factors limited funds - inherited debt and facing the worst economic crisis in years
  • Fear of radical religious groups led to a fear of religious reform
  • The Dutch War (1652-54) diverted focus and resources

The army, the Political Nation and Parliament

  • The army: many in the army were political/religious radicals who wanted an end to the established church, greater social justice, liberty of conscience and the creation of a 'godly community' to govern
  • The Political Nation: all the political changes and radical ideas created unrest; they wanted a return to order and stability
  • The Rump: they were caught in the middle: they needed the Political


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