The Purpose of Life

It includes Justice, Peace and Reconciliation. Revision notes.

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The Purpose of Life
For Muslims the purpose of life is to obey Allah and to worship him. The word `Islam' in Arabic means
`peace' and `submission to the will of Allah'. A Muslim is someone who submits to the will of Allah.
Submission to Allah includes obeying the Five Pillars. Throughout their life, Muslims should be always
conscious of Allah (Taqwa) and their responsibilities to him. Being conscious of Allah helps Muslims to
live a godly life and not to give into temptation. Muslims believe that life is a test and that on the Day
of Judgement everyone will be judged on both their actions and their intentions. For Muslims this life
has purpose because it will determine where they spend the afterlife.
Justice Bringing about what is right or
fair according to the law.
In Islam, justice is extremely important. Where
there is justice, there is peace and harmony
between people. Allah has given human beings
the responsibility to bring about justice on
Earth. The Qur'an and Hadith give guidance on
aspects of justice. Rulers need to act justly and
treat people fairly, especially those who are
weak or vulnerable. Allah is just and therefore
Muslims need to act justly.
Peace As the absence of conflict and
violence between individuals
and countries.
One meaning of the word `Islam' is peace.
Peace is a state of harmony that enables all
people to be given an opportunity to achieve
happiness and contentment. Peace also refers
to the belief that individuals need to grow

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Each person needs to be at peace
with Allah because they are obeying his will.
Reconciliation The ending of conflict because
two sides have overcome their
The Qur'an teaches that when a wrong has
been done, Muslims should try to achieve
reconciliation not seek revenge. Sometimes
people who have been wronged need to be
willing to forgive those who have wronged
them. Allah is willing to forgive, so Muslims
need to be willing to do the same.…read more


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