Christians believe euthanansia is wrong

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  • Some Christians believe Euthanasia is WRONG because
    • Only God has the right to take away a life
      • Euthanasia could be used for evil purposes
      • Sancitty of life, life is sacred and special
    • No person should value themselves as so worthless that it would be better to die
      • Doctors or relatives may make the decision without involving the patient
        • Some people may feel pressurised into choosing euthanasia
      • If it was legal it would lessen the value of life more
    • No one should be able to make the decision about the value of someone elses lift
      • Euthanasia could be used for evil purposes
    • Its seen as murder as it takes away someones life
      • You would have to live the rest of your life knowing you have killed someone
    • Doctors could get it wrong


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