Life after Death: why we believe it and how it affects us

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  • Life after Death
    • Why Catholics believe in it...
      • Jesus rose from the dead. His resurrection was recorded in the Gospels and New Testament.
        • If he had life after death, his faithful followers should too.
      • It is written in the Creeds and Catechism.
        • The Catechism is the teaching of the Magisterium which all Catholics should live by.
      • It gives life purpose and meaning.
        • This is because we will know that after our bodies die, our souls will live on.
      • Catholics believe in the immortality of the soul.
        • This means that our souls must not die with the body.
    • How these beliefs affect the lives of Catholics
      • We know that God is judging our actions
        • So we act in the way he taught us to
      • We know that a good Catholic life involves following teachings such as love of neighbour
        • We follow these by helping anyone in need and working at or giving to charities such as CAFOD
      • We will live our life knowing it has purpose and meaning
        • We will live a purposeful life, following our vocation and believing that everything happens for a reason
      • We will know that sin can prevent us from getting into heaven
        • We will try our best to not sin and repent if we do so they can be absolved.


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