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The Preterite Tense ­ Regular Verbs
· The preterite tense in Spanish talks about
something a single, completed event in
the past; e.g. I went, I made, I ate, I
drank, I visited.
· This is one of the
main tenses used
when talking about
your last holiday.…read more

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Regular Verb Endings in the Preterite
· To form the preterite tense of regular verbs you
need to know what type of verb ending you
· There are three types of verb endings in Spanish:
(1) AR e.g. comprAR
(2) ER e.g. comER
(3) IR e.g. vivIR
· To form the preterite tense you need to take off
the last 2 letters of the infinitive and add the
appropriate ending; there are 2 sets of endings,
one for ­ar and the other for ­er and ­ir verbs.…read more

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Comprar ­ To Buy
· Compr é - I bought
· Compr aste - You bought (inform./sing.)
· Compr ó - He/She bought/ You bought (form./sing.)
· Compr amos - We bought
· Compr asteis - You bought (inform./plr.)
· Compr aron - They bought/ You bought (form./plr.)…read more

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Comer ­ To Eat
· Com í - I ate
· Com iste - You ate (inform./sing.)
· Com ió - He/She ate/ You ate (form./sing.)
· Com imos - We ate
· Com isteis - You ate (inform./plr.)
· Com ieron - They ate/ You ate (form./plr.)…read more

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Vivir ­ To Live
· Viv í - I lived
· Viv iste - You lived (inform./sing.)
· Viv ió - He/She lived/ You lived (form./sing.)
· Viv imos - We lived
· Viv isteis - You lived (inform./plr.)
· Viv ieron - They lived/ You lived (form./plr.)…read more


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