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The Preterite Tense ­ Irregular Verbs
· Some verbs do not follow the
set preterite pattern!
· These irregular verbs are
known as the "pretérito grave".
· They are a mixture of -ar, -er
and -ir verbs.
· They don't form their stem
from the infinitive; so you need
to learn each verb's stem
· They don't have accents.
· They do have the same series of endings.…read more

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Irregular Verbs and Their Stem
· Andar ­ To walk anduv-
· Caber ­ To "fit" in cup-
· Conducir ­ To drive conduj-
· Decir ­ To say/tell dij-*
· Hacer ­ To do/make hic- **
· Poner ­ To put pus-
· Poder ­ To be able pud-
· Querer ­ To wish/want quis-
· Saber ­ To know (a fact) sup-
· Tener ­ To have tuv-
· Traer ­ To bring traj-
· Venir ­ To come vin-
*If stems have a "j" then the end of the they part becomes -eron
**The stem becomes hij- on the he/she/it part of the verb…read more

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Irregular Verb Endings in the Preterite
To form the irregular preterite you need the following endings:
· Estuv e - I was
· Estuv iste- You were (inform./sing.)
· Estuv o - He/She was/ You were (form./sing.)
· Estuv imos - We were
· Estuv isteis - You were (inform./plr.)
· Estuv ieron - They were/ You were (form./plr.)…read more


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