The Histroy of Genetics: Gregor Mendel-The Father of Genetics

A document outlining the history of Gregor Mendel, known as the Father of Genetics. May be tested in our Biology GCSE.

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Mendel 1822-1884:
`The Father of Modern Genetics'
Who was Gregor Mendel and what was his profession?
He was an Augustinian friar and biologist.
He showed that the inheritance of certain characteristics follows certain patterns, a
concept now known as `Mendelian Inheritance'.
Where did he live?
He lived in the Country of Brno, which has since become the Czech Republic. More
specifically, he spent the majority of his life in a monastery, St. Thomas' Abbey.
In what era was he alive?
Having been born in1822 and as he died in 1884, he lived in the 19th Century. This
was the Century in which science first began to be thought of as a profession after
the cosmological revolution. Other influential scientists from this era include
Thomas Edison, Dimitri Mendeleev and Charles Darwin.
Where was he sent to study?
He studied in the University of Vienna from 1853-1855.
Which mammal did he originally use for breeding experiments?
Originally, Mendel used mice as samples for his breeding experiments.
Why were these breeding experiments stopped and why was the church
so against his work?
At the time, the other monks/friars thought these experiments to be an act of
heresy. In their opinion, the cross-breeding of animals was an act against the will
of God. (This all despite the fact that the cross-breeding of plants was
Which plants did he continue to experiment with?
After being advised to discontinue his experiments on mice, he began to experiment
on pea plants. Species name, `Pisum Sativum'.
Where did he carry out these plant experiments?
He carried out these plant experiments in his greenhouse.
Which characteristics did he study and compare in the plants?
1. Seed Colour- Yellow or Green
2. Pod Shape- Inflated or Constricted
1Genetics: Gregory Mendel Eloka Agu

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Mendel 1822-1884:
`The Father of Modern Genetics'
3. Pod Colour- Green Or Yellow
4. Flower Position- Axil or Terminal
5. Stem Length- Tall or Dwarf
6. Seed Shape- Round or Wrinkled
7. Seed Colour- Yellow or Green
How did Mendel conclude that characteristics were inherited from
parents to offspring?
o Heritable unit (gene) is transferred from a certain generation to the next.
o Every characteristic is controlled by a heritable unit located in
chromosomes.…read more

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Mendel 1822-1884:
`The Father of Modern Genetics'
When Mendel died, what happened to most of the books containing
information and data about his experiments
The preceding abbot of St Thomas' Monastery decided to burn all of Mendel's books
after his death to signal an end to tax issues at the time.…read more


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