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Chapter Four
Nick makes a list of some of the people who attended Gatsby's parties in summer 1922
Gatsby invites Nick to lunch in New York. Gatsby tells Nick a story about his past.
At lunch Nick meets Meyer Wolfshiem, a notorious gambler.
Nick meets Jordan for dinner and she…

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Hollywood legends, while also serving the requirements of modern advertising. Nick is suggesting
that although an image of Gatsby's past has become visible, the reality behind it is far from distinct.

On the journey into the city, Nick notices Americans originating from south-eastern
Europe attending a funeral, and black Americans…

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manages to avoid a speeding fine with a "white card" that he can't satisfactorily explain the
significance of.
3) When they meet Meyer Wolfshiem, Gatsby's involvement with the criminal underworld is
strongly implied. They have lunch in the "half-darkness" of the cellar, which suggests it is a
place of shady…

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5) Jordan's story makes Gatsby into a more sympathetic character, and for Nick, Gatsby
becomes a real person - he was "delivered suddenly from the womb of his purposeless
splendour", and he can now see past the flashy character he had taken him for, showy with
no other purpose but…

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As they drive across Queensboro Bridge; "the sunlight through the girders (made) a constant flicker
upon the moving cars", and this contributes to its romantic appearance.

From the bright sunshine of `roaring noon', the lighting is suddenly changed as we are taken into a
cellar in `half-darkness'. In spite of…


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