The Government of the Third Reich

Hitlers rise to power

Propaganda and Goebbels

Hitlers use of terror and indoctrinaton

Opposition to the Nazis

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Government of the Third Reich
Creation of the Nazi State:
March 1932 ­. Hitler ran for president but lost to Hindenburg

May 1932 ­Papen was a friend of Hindenburg had little support of Reichstag and dependant on
government by decree.

July 1932 ­Hitler demanded post of chancellor as the Nazi's…

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· 13th Mar ­ New Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda.
Goebbels appointed head, controlled all media.

· 24th Mar ­ Enabling Act.
Gave emergency powers to the government for 4 years. Hitler could pass decrees
without presidential approval. Was passed by 441 votes to 94, and was renewed in…

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August 1934

· 1st August ­ Law concerning the Head of State of the German Reich
Merged the offices of the president and the chancellor, creating position of `fuhrer'.

· 2nd Aug ­ Hindenburg dies, Hitler becomes head of state.
Army swore a personal oath of allegiance to Hitler.


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Purpose to find and kill or torture any opposition

The Police and Courts:

Helped to secure Nazi dictatorship
Leader ­ also Himmler
Purpose ­ to make sure that any crimes committed by Nazi's were undiscovered. Any
opponents to Nazism were not given a fair trial and either sent to a…

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Opposition and Resistance to the Nazi Government
Pastor Martin Niemoller

Set up the confessional church
Put into a concentration camp as punishment

White Rose Group

They were a group of students who gave out leaflets that promoted antiNazi leaflets.
Sophie and Hans Scholl
They were arrested in 1943 and executed…


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