hitlers rise to power

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  • hitlers rise to power
    • germans faces economic depression people lost trust in government
      • treaty of Versailles was signed 28th June 1919
        • led Germany to humiliation they lost their land , military and respect
    • hitler was assigned undercover duty as an agent to find out what who the marxists were
      • september 12th 1919 he investagates them at the Munich hall
        • hitler gave an emotional speech , he was then asked to join the nazi
    • hitler used the storm troopers to make the german people join
      • thousands joined the party because of hyper inflation
    • november the 12th 1923 hitler held a rally at a beer hall in munich to declare a revolution
      • he led over two thousand men to overthrow the bavarian government
  • blames jews for hyper inflation
  • during his time in prison he wrote the book 'mein kampf '
    • disaster - led to hitler going to prison 5 years went down to 9 months .
  • the book spoke about his life and talked about the future of germany which attacked jews - germanys problems
    • which made him rich by selling five million coppies published in 1927
    • blamed that the jews were responsible for economic inflation , political instability , unemployment and humiliation .
  • hitler didn't want to take power by force but in a legal manner
  • he spoke to large audiences addressing the  issues with the jews
  • he wanted to create the third  reich
  • gained support from erhard milch ,alfred hindenburg ,fritz tyssen amd emil kidolf
  • in april  1932 hienrich brueing the chancellor of Germany banned the storm troopers in garment to end the regime
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