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Education helps maintain society by socializing
young people into key cultural values, such
as competition, achievement, equality of
opportunity, democracy and religious
morality.…read more

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Role allocation
Education allocates people to the most
appropriate job for their talents using
examinations and qualifications. Ensures the
most talented are allocated for the most
important occupations in society. Seen to be
fair because of equality of opportunity.…read more

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Education teaches the skills required by a
modern industrial society. These may be
general skills such as numeracy or literacy,
or the specific skills needed for particular
occupations. As the division of labour
increases in complexity and occupational
roles become more specialized, longer
periods of education become necessary.…read more

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Critics think the ideas of equality of
opportunity and meritocracy to be a myth
and question the correspondence between
occupational status and talent.
Functionalist are criticized because:
They fail to recognize the diversity of values
Main beliefs of powerful groups are promoted
through the education system.…read more

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1. Concerned that education should
emphasize the moral responsibilities that
members of the society had towards each
other and the wider society.
2. Increasing tendency towards
individualism in modern society could lead
to too little social solidarity.…read more

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