The First World War- Western Front (Paper 1)

Notes on Schlieffen Plan, Battle of the Marne, Race to the Sea, Trench warfare, Weapons, Battles (including Somme).

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The Western Front
Why was the war not over by Christmas of 1914 and why had stalemate occurred
by the end of 1914?

What was the Schieffen Plan?

The Schlieffen Plan was a plan devised by Germany in 1905, to avoid war on

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By getting to sea, the British could transport soldiers and weapons more quickly.
This is why Germany also wanted to get to sea- they wanted to have control
over the ports to stop transportation of British soldiers and weapons.
The British won the `race.'

The First Battle of Ypres


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1. Artillery- Used to bombard German trenches by firing hundreds
of shells. They were placed behind the trenches. (Used in the
Battle of the Somme)
Advantages- Artillery bombardments caused more
casualties than any other weapon. Key weapon of the war-
even provided jobs for making shells.
Disadvantages- At the…

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6. Aeroplanes- Used for reconnaissance over enemy trenches' later used frequently to
attack enemy trenches, and `dog fights.'
Advantages- Speed and mobility meant that commanders could use them
to observe enemy positions. Photographs taken were very valuable.
Disadvantages- In 1914, the aeroplanes were very basic. They were
unreliable and very…

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In later attacks tanks were to be used to help the British troops
advance. There were not enough tanks. 29 broke down and the rest got
stuck in mud.

What were the effects of the Battle of the Somme?

The British army- On the first day of the Somme, 20,…

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