The Energy mix

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Factors Reasons why they determine the energy mix
Location - physical Availability of north sea wind, wave, tidal, and natural gas
UK is located between the North sea and Atlantic ocean
River Severn has 2nd highest tidal range in the world, talks of installing a barrage across the Severn to
generate electricity
Geology ­ physical Shallow reserves of oil and gas have almost be exhausted
New technology has been produced to drill deeper to find more reserves
The UK's resources have peaked so they are beginning to import more and more oil and gas
Technology Solar panels are becoming cheaper and more efficient, in 38 years the energy conversion on the panels has
gone from 5% to 40%
Renewable energy sources are cheaper and more efficient than non-renewable sources of energy for
developing countries
More wind turbines are being installed as it is a viable source of energy even though the cost is increasing
the price of other energy sources such as oil remain high
Public perception Nuclear power is a negative source of energy after the Chernobyl accident in 1986
UK government are closing all nuclear power stations to replace them with newer ones are they are
becoming more reliant on other countries for oil and are losing power which they don't like
Public and friends of the earth argue against nuclear energy as it is expensive, dangerous and leaves
radioactive waste for thousands of years after it is used
Using nuclear reduces investment for new more-efficient energy technology
Politics Conflicts between governments can lead to energy poverty in certain countries or energy supplies being cut
off from certain countries
Nuclear power is being introduced more due to fears of the politics of gas supplies from Russia
Environment Global warming concerns have lead to an increase in the use of renewable energy sources
UK wind generation has risen from 500MW to 3000MW in 7 years
Any energy source which causes major environmental damage is avoided as much as possible
Economics Wind power is beginning to become competitive with fossil fuels so more turbines are being introduced
More cost effective methods of energy are favoured by governments, e.g. any source which is only costly
whilst being built and has minor costs whilst generating energy

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