CARBON - The UK's and Norway's changing energy mix

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  • The UK's changing energy mix
    • in 1970, the UK used nearly 60,000 tonnes of COAL per year, but this value has dramatically decreased to around 3,000 tonnes by 2016. (20,000 decrease)
    • OIL was the biggest source of energy (80,000 in 1970) and still is today (45,000)
    • ELECTRICITY generated from 'renewables' and recyclables, has increased from 13,000 tonnes to 35,000.
    • BIOENERGY is still being used very thinly (2,000 tonnes - no change)
    • Total energy consumption has declined since 1970 and the UK is now more efficient as production and usage.
    • Norway's changing energy mix
      • 99% of energy production in Norway's mainland is HYDRO-ELECTRIC POWER.
      • future plans - 67.5% of gross final consumption of energy supplied by renewable sources by 2020
        • in 2010 the average electricity consumption mix of a Norwegian household was 36% renewable
      • Wind power - 2012, it produced 1.6GWh of power. in 2013 Norway spent 20 billion NOK to triple capacity of wind power to 2.0KWh by 2020.
      • Norway's oil development begun in 1969, supported by a SWF in 1990.


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